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The town of Aras de los Olmos, in Valencia province, is home to Los Serranos ATB Centre. The municipal districts in the region of the same name, through which the proposed itineraries run, are situated in a unique natural enclave, bounded by the river Turia and the foothills of the Sierra de Javalambre.

The ATB Centre makes a total of 16 routes available to tourists, passing through the municipal districts of Aras de los Olmos, La Yesa, Titaguas, Chelva, Tuéjar and Alpuente, with the information points in these last two, from where the routes themselves start out.


The Zagra-Bercolón route has a signaling problem: lack a direction sign up to the Olmedilla (in the river). Therefore it is advisable not to follow that route. You are advised to take the tracks route in the GPS. It is also possible advice from Los Serranos BTT Centre in Aras de los Olmos.
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Los Serranos BTT Centre Reception PointLos Serranos BTT Centre Aras RuralPartida de la Nevera, s/n46179 Aras de los Olmos (Valencia)Tel. +34 962 102 236 / +34 639 196 928 / +34 606 421 007Mail: / Web: Services reception point:
* Bicycle rental
* Bicycle washing points
* Locker rooms and showers
* Accommodation and catering
Getting there:Los Serranos BTT Centre is located in the resort Aras Rural, in the town of Alpuente, which is accessed by the CV-35 road between Valencia and Ademuz.

Name Starting point Difficulty Distance Duration Slope Track
Ahillas-El Mozul Pto. información Tuéjar Difficult 28 km 2h 48' 636 m See in Wikiloc
Alpuente-Arquela Pto. información Alpuente Easy 20 km 2h 541 m See in Wikiloc
Aras-Alpuente Pto. acogida Aras Difficult 32 km 3h 12' 895 m See in Wikiloc
Aras "tour" Pto. acogida Aras Easy 16 km 1h 36' 297 m See in Wikiloc
Aras-Tuéjar Pto. acogida Aras Very difficult 69 km 6h 54' 1.753 m See in Wikiloc
Barchel-Barraquena Pto. información Tuéjar Very difficult 41 km 4h 06' 1.239 m See in Wikiloc
Buena Leche Pto. información Tuéjar Very difficult 25 km 2h 30' 647 m See in Wikiloc
La Escaleruela Pto. acogida Aras Difficult 17 km 1h 42' 574 m See in Wikiloc
La Yesa-El Sancho Pto. información Alpuente Difficult 37 km 3h 42' 861 m See in Wikiloc
Losilla de Aras Pto. acogida Aras Easy 15 km 1h 30' 320 m See in Wikiloc
Mampedroso Pto. acogida Aras Easy 19.36 km 1h 54' 432 m See in Wikiloc
Pedanías de Alpuente Pto. acogida Aras Difficult 40 km 4h 952 m See in Wikiloc
Rubiales-Espartosas Pto. acogida Aras Difficult 22 km 2h 12' 695 m See in Wikiloc
Senda Valdeagua Pto. acogida Aras Very difficult 28 km 2h 48' 749 m See in Wikiloc
Tuéjar-Acequia Pto. información Tuéjar Easy 14 km 1h 24' 245 m See in Wikiloc
Zagra-Bercolón Pto. acogida Aras Very difficult 44 km 4h 24' 1.331 m See in Wikiloc