Providing trail maps and other useful services, the Region’s MTB centres are a one-stop shot for cyclists.

Mountain Biking Centres are MTB cyclists’ best friend. Located throughout the Region of Valencia, these spaces are open to the general public, offering a number of simple yet useful services to help make your biking experience unforgettable. 

These centres offer maps that cover over 100km of off-road trails that are suitable for all levels of cyclist. There’s a handy key drawing your attention to useful information, such as obstacles and hazards. 

And that’s not all. The centres offers bike hire as well as other services such as first aid and first aid kits, changing rooms, showers and even repair service. They will also be able to point you in the right direction for other information centres as well as points of interest in the area. If you’re keen to find out where these MTB centres are located in the Region of Valencia, keep reading for a break-down, province by province. 

Mountain Biking Centres in the province of Castellón

In the province of Castellón, you will find MTB centres in Els Ports (Morella), the Costa de Azahar (Torreblanca), Alto Palancia (Navajas, where you can visit the spectacular Salto de la Novia waterfall) and Alto Mijares (Montanejos, a destination famed for its breathtaking landscapes that are crisscrossed with trails for both cyclists and hikers). 

Mountain Biking Centres in the province of Valencia

The province of Valencia has four Mountain Biking Centres that are all located in beautiful destinations. The Los Serranos centre is in Aras de los Olmos, where we’d recommend taking a look around the Ecomuso, while the El Valle centre sits amid the volcanic landscape of Cofrentes. La Ribera centre is in Alzira, a great rock climbing destination, and the Massís del Caroig centre is in Moixent where you can roam El Bosquet area. 

Mountain Biking Centres in the province of Alicante

And last but by no means least, the province of Alicane is home to two Mountain Biking Centres where you can find everything you’ll need for an off-road experience. El Comtat centre is situated in Lorcha, where you can spend time lazing on the riverside beach, and Vall de Pop centre is in Parcent, a destination where the beauty of the blossoming almond trees will blow you away. 

Make use of all the services offered by the Mountain Biking Centres in the Region of Valencia and enjoy pedalling through the spectacular scenery defining every part of our destination. 

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The municipality of Cabanes, located in the Comarca de la Plana Alta de Castelló, is one of the most peculiar districts of the province.
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