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Come and explore the incredible landscapes in this inland county and get ready to embark on adventures in the great outdoors.

El Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora is a beautiful county located in inland province of Valencia. The area comprises the destinations of Ayora, Cofrentes, Cortes de Pallás, Jalance, Jarafuel, Teresa de Cofrentes and Zarra, which have plenty to things to see and do.

The county is blessed with beautiful nature, thanks in part to the landscapes shaped by the River Júcar, the River Cautabán and the River Reconque, and even an old volcano. El Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora is an ideal choice for lovers of active tourism and the great outdoors as you can enjoy unique experiences like a river cruise amid the towering canyon of the Júcar. And then there’s all the hiking, MTB, canoeing and rafting that you can get up to. You certainly won’t find yourself getting bored.

Other activities that you can enjoy in El Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora include a visit to the Iberian settlement of Castellar de la Meca in Ayora and Don Juan Cave in Jalance, where you will be blown away by a beautiful underground landscape.

Alternatively, you can see some ancient art at Tortosilla Rock Shelter in Ayora. As well as some impressive fortresses, namely Cofrentes Castle, Ayora Castle, Chirel Castle in Cortes de Pallás and more. There’s plenty to enjoy in El Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora. Why don’t you plan a getaway here and throw yourself into all the beauty?

From Cofrentes to Ayora, visiting Jalance, Jarafuel, Teresa de Cofrentes and Zarra.