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Come to Bicorp to see an historic treasure set in unique natural surroundings. You won’t want to miss La Araña Cave.

Cuevas de la Araña, La Araña Cave in Bicorp, is home to one the most important examples of UNESCO rock art in the Levantine area. One painting portrays the collection of honey while others depict animals and hunting scenes. If you would like to see La Araña Cave in person, you will need to book a guided tour with Bicorp’s Ecomuseum. The experience promises to be one you will never forget and we highly recommend it.

The rock art was discovered in the early 20th century. From this moment, an effort has been made to provide a unique experience to visitors wanting to see the art.

Guided tours of La Araña Cave last some three hours. Your guide will not only take you on an exploration of the rock shelters, but also the natural landscape surrounding them on the banks of the river Escalona.

The caves are located in Cazuma, a beauty spot defined by its leafy woodland. To complete your visit, you can walk a botanic trail and breathe in the bird’s-eye views over Hongares Gorge from the viewing point with a transparent floor. Book your guided tour today and get ready to fall in love with the art and scenery of Bicorp.

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