Discover a town in the region of La Safor from where you can set off on a number of hiking routes, with a town centre full of history. We tell you what you need to visit Font d'En Carròs!

La Font d'En Carròs, the oldest part of which you can visit around the Rafalí Walls, is a town full of charm that you can't miss. We recommend you plan a getaway that allows you to enjoy its natural and historical heritage! Will you join us to discover all its points of interest?

What to do in la Font d’En Carròs

On your route through Font d'En Carròs you can start with the Sant Antoni Màrtir Parochial Church, built in the 14th century and with various alterations over the centuries that have made it grow. One of the focal points in this municipality is the square known as Plaça dels Xorros, where you're sure to feel like having a drink in one of the local establishments while you discover the rhythm of the town.

On your route you can take a look at the devotional ceramic plafons, which decorate the streets and are the authentic cultural heritage of Font d'En Carròs, and go as far as the Old City Hall, a 14th century building that houses the tourist information point, or the Hermitage of San Antonio Abad, in a quarter that keeps its mediaeval structure.

In the area surrounding Font d'En Carròs, we recommend you visit Rebollet Castle, which you can reach after a pleasant hiking route. This is an enclave where remains have been found dating back to the Bronze Age and which suffered the consequences of a major earthquake in the 16th century. You will discover a place of special beauty from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea.

You can choose from many other routes, such as the one that takes you to the Assagador and the Covatelles or climb the Rabat or Creu Mountains. The Sima Blanca and Cueva del Mosquito is another excursion that you will love, until you reach a very interesting cave, as well as the quieter route between orchards and mills that can also be done by bike or with the youngest members of the family.

And don't miss the great festivities of la Font d'En Carròs! Moors and Christians in the third weekend of August, the bonfire of San Antonio Abad in January with its porrat or craft stalls and delicious products... Prepare your getaway to this destination!

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