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Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 14 h. and from 17 to 18.30 h. Sunday 12-14 h. Closed last Sunday of the month.

The excavations carried out in the Iberian settlements have uncovered most of the pieces shown in this museum. Ceramics, coins, inscriptions and glasses are some of the elements of a collection which is constantly growing.

This museum contains one of the more interesting ceramics collections with decorative figures from the archeological remains of the Iberian world. They were mostly found in the Iberian city's site, Edeta. This museum also exhibits pieces from the Roman Age, which were found in the Roman Edeta zone. Here, one can find one of the more significant denarius' collections of the Roman imperial age, which is made up of 6,000 silver coins. In the exhibition of the medieval age, a polychromatic gothic table, from the Iglesia de la Sangre should be emphasized.