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History, culture, music, monuments and landscapes. Llíria is a destination that really does have it all.

City of Music and home to some of the greatest archaeological sites and monuments in the Region of Valencia, Llíria is a destination that is well worth a visit. The town sits in a diverse landscape where the silhouette of Sierra Calderona blends with the banks of the river Turia. The capital of El Camp de Túria county, Llíria will take you on a journey back in time that you will remember for years to come. 

What to see in Llíria

A place where culture and history meet, Llíria promises a getaway like no other. Here you can spend a day roaming the mountains, exploring the museums and enjoying experiences that will spirit you back thousands of years in time. We recommend starting your exploration in Cerro de San Miguel, a hill where you can stop off at Real Monasterio de San Miguel. This Neoclassic monastery dates back to the 14th century and is still a site of pilgrimage today. 

On the same hill, you can explore the remains of an Iberian settlement. Site of Cultural Interest, Edeta is an absolute must-visit during your time in Llíria. From the 6th century BC, the town was the heart and capital of Edetania, inhabited all the way through to the 2nd century BC. The restoration work of the archaeological site gives you an insight into what the town’s snaking streets and houses looked like. If you’re interested in this period, make sure you also visit Castellet de Bernabé, Poblado de la Monravana and Museo Arqueológico de Llíria.

Edeta was abandoned following the conquest by the Romans, a civilisation that also left their mark behind in the form of mausoleums and the Mura baths. The mausoleums comprise two buildings that are some of the finest examples of Roman funeral architecture. There is a film that you can watch that tells you everything you could possibly want to know. The baths, on the other hand, will immerse you in the day-to-day rituals of the Romans. 

After the Iberians and the Romans came the Arabs. If you are keen to see what life was like for the civilisation, make sure you visit the Arab baths. This 400m2 space is divided into rooms for lounging and areas for swimming. As you wander around, you will be taken aback by the secrets it reveals. 

Your exploration of Llíria will lead you through the streets of the historic centre where you can see beautiful churches, such as La Sangre, La Asunción and La Mare de Déu, among others. You will also come across the Medieval walls, Ca la Vila Vella, Forn de la Vila and Molí de la Parra, other sights that you should put on your to-visit list. 

But that’s not all. Llíria has been declared a City of Music by UNESCO. The town’s two music societies – comprising bands and orchestras – have won many prizes, gaining them international renown. During your visit, why not see a performance and experience another of the town’s traditions? 

And as if culture, architecture and history weren’t enough, Llíria flaunts some diverse scenery. The mountains of the Sierra Calderona meet the magic of El Turia natural park, painting a beautiful picture of the natural world. Take the opportunity to walk the different trails in the area and immerse yourself in the landscapes of inland province of Valencia. 

Is all this not reason enough to come and visit Llíria? Come along for an enriching experience that you will remember for years to

How to get here:

To access the municipality take the Valencia-Ademuz C-234 freeway, or take the by-pass, which connects the road in the direction of Madrid and the Mediterranean motorway.


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