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Discover what you can see and do in one of the Region of Valencia’s smallest destinations. What Llocnou de la Corona lacks in size, it makes up for in charm.

Located in L’Horta Sud in the province of Valencia, Llocnou de la Corona is a small destination that you are going to love exploring. Take plenty of photos and share them to show that you’ve been to the smallest village in the Region of Valencia and one of the smallest villages in Spain. Fancy coming for a visit? 

What to see in Llocnou de la Corona

Just a stone’s throw from València city, Llocnou de la Corona is easy to get to, making it a great destination for a short excursion to soak up the peaceful atmosphere. The houses have traditional façades: take some pictures and show them to your loved ones. 

The surface area of Llocnou de la Corona comprises a total of six streets: the centre is everything there is to see. These flat, peaceful streets are home to La Virgen del Rosario Parish Church. Construction work started on the church in the year 1899, resulting in a Gothic Revival structure that houses a Neoclassical altarpiece. It stands on the site where there was once a chapel. 

The beginnings of Llocnou de la Corona are connected to a convent that existed in the 17th century, around which a small population grew. Although the religious community has now disappeared, the inhabitants have remained, creating what is now an out-of-the-ordinary destination. 

Take advantage of your time in Llocnou de la Corona to explore L’Horta Sud and visit other municipalities like Alcàsser, Silla, Catarroja and Torrent. And L’Albufera Natural Park isn’t far away either. We’d recommend taking a stroll around this tiny village before taking a walk around scenery like the wetlands, which is an excellent destination for a day of birding.