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The history of any town stems from the cohabitation of cultures and societies. In what concerns our history, the beloved festivity of Moors and Christians is linked to the historical event of the Miracle of the Corporals, which are held in the Barranquet de la Sangre due to the bloody battle that took place there. This festivity commemorates the Muslim invasion and the later re-conquest of the town by the Christians.

The festivity has evolved and changed for the best: early on it mostly had victory parades, but new events were added gradually, and previously existing ones have been improved. Nowadays 3 events stand out, being the most important and also the ones that have suffered the greatest amount of changes over the years. The events are the Entrances and Embassies, which have become increasingly theatrical and are represented in a matter fitting to the grandeur evoked by the festivity, which has recently been declared to be of Local Touristic Interest. Up to 27 different clubs have participated in them, including veteran, well-established clubs and new, enthusiastic ones eager to contribute to the festivity of all inhabitants of Llutxent and nearby villages, who often join the festivities and add to their scope.

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Último fin de semana de Abril

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