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The parish church consecrated to our ‘Señora de la Asunción’, belongs to the 19th century. It was built in 1868 in front of the old church, which was demolished because it was a hazard. The building follows the classical cannons as it has a Latin cross floor plan embedded in a rectangle. It comprises a central nave and two aisles which reach up to the transept and are separated by Corthian columns and pilasters. On top of the central nave and the transept, there is a barrel vault and on top of the aisles there is a cloister vault. Above the transept there is a semi-dome decorated with scallops. At the end of the central nave there is a square apse followed by Corinthian columns bandstand supporting a pediment with a decking of two converging angels among with a crowned anagram of Mary. In the lowermost niche there is an image of the ‘Asunción’. There are entrances on both sides of the apse, on the left-hand side, the chapel of the communion and, on the right-hand side, there is a room with access to the vestry, situated behind the altar. The processional cross from the 16th century and the icon of the ‘Santísima Faz’ should be highlighted for being a treasury. The bell tower was built afterwards, in 1925 and it is about 30 meters high.