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It was built in the 18th century just in front of one of the crosses erected 1335 (Apparition of the Cross) on a landing of the coast by the private action of a Catalan marriage (Sierra-Ríos). The whole building is a rectangle. On the façade, there is a door that allows the access to the Church and to the rest of the units surrounding it. The church has a cross plant, with very short but wide arms, with a transept covered by half sphere vault decorated with scallops, supported by stone walls and a barrel vault. Behind the chancel, alongside image of the Virgin there is the camber, distinctive construction of the Valencian Baroque. It can be reached through the right-hand side of the chancel going up or down a double staircase. The decoration, also from the 18th century, is very interesting because it tells the story of the “Milagro de los Corporales”. In 1957, by testamentary will it belong to the chancellor Alfons Roig. Currently, after the death of the chancellor, the Hermitage has been taken over by the council office.

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