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Come and explore one of the most valuable heritage and architectural treasures in Requena and travel back in time.

Castillo y Murallas de Requena, Requena Castle and Curtain Walls, is a majestic Muslim fortress that has dominated the landscape of the town for centuries. Over its long lifetime, the structure has undergone a number of restorations and renovations that have kept it in a good condition.

The fortress sits in the highest part of Barrio de la Villa, an historic district that you will enjoy taking a stroll around. To this day, you can still see part of the layout of the site, although newer buildings have been integrated with the structure.

Throughout its history, Requena Castle and Curtain Walls have served various purposes such as a court wall for racket sports, a bullring and even a prison.

The structure that will first capture your attention at Requena Castle and Curtain Walls is the Keep. With its crenels, this 15th century tower is a handsome sight. Reach for your camera and take some incredible photos of it.

We’d recommend checking out Requena’s cultural programme to see the concerts and performances that are held in the bailey of Requena Castle and Curtain Walls. Just imagine enjoying performing arts in such impressive surrounds. So how about it? Do you fancy taking a wine and cultural getaway in the always interesting destination of Requena?