Multimedia Gallery

This building occupies a whole block, and has several points of access, the main one being in the La Nave street and decorated with a sculptured fountain, as is another entrance in the plaza del Patriarca. The exterior decoration is based on brickwork, with a border running right round the top, and windows framed in crafted stonework. A large cloister inside is surrounded by lines of Tuscan-style columns, and in the centre of the patio is a statue of Juan Luis Vives surrounded by a small garden. The "Teatro Académico" inside is dominated by a large canvas of the Immaculate Mary, signed by Espinosa. Other paintings can also be seen of people connected to university life, outstanding amongst which are the portraits of the botanist Cavanilles and of Rafael de Oloriz, great champions of the University, and of the intellectual, Francisco Perez Bayer.
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