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The coastline along the gulf of Valencia is low-lying, with sandy beaches and a few shingle beaches. Numerous banks, some with dunes (Arenals de Canet, Devesa del Saler) keep the sea out of the inland lagoons and marshes. Despite their valuable eco-systems, including endemic flora and fauna and providing irrigation, many of the marshes have been dried up. The marshland known as Marjal dels Moros (Puçol, Sagunto) is now listed as a Zone of Special Importance for Birdlife, and the nearby Alquería dels Frares is an Environmental Educational Centre (tel. 96 268 00 00). Other marsh areas of importance are: Marjal de Cullera (Bassa de Sant Llorenç, L'Estany Gran and El Brosquil); Marjal de Tavernes; and the Xeraco-Xeresa marsh. In all these wetlands typical plant and animal life can be found, and birdwatchers will find a lot to do. One good panoramic lookout point over the beaches and wetlands of L'Horta, La Ribera Baixa and the La Safor districts is the Muntanya de les Raboses (234m), just outside the town of Cullera.
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