Los Serranos

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The district of Los Serranos is located in the northwestern section of the province of Valencia, on mountainous terrain that honours its name, meaning "high" Turia, and offers stark, rugged scenery with its own kind of beauty. It extends from the mid-course of the river Turia, or Blanco as it has traditionally been known in the area, which flows down from the meseta to the seacoast at Valencia. This extensive district measuring over one thousand four hundred square kilometres contains a diversity of landscapes, from high mountain land up to one thousand six hundred metres, to the lowlands under three hundred metres where orange plantations are still part of the picture.


From Aras de los Olmos to Andilla, visiting Benageber, Bugarra, Calles, Chelva, Chulilla, Gestalgar, Higueruelas, Losa del Obispo, Pedralba, Sot de Chera, Titaguas, Tuejar, Villar del Arzobispo, La Tesa, Alcublas and Alpuente.