Discover the history of Villajoyosa’s wayside crosses that date all the way back to Roman times.

The streets of Villajoyosa are brimming with history. As you wander around, you will come across many treasures of the past, such as Cruz de Piedra. Historically this wayside cross marked the intersection of roads that date back to Roman times.

Villajoyosa is home to two Roman crosses, known as Creueta and Creu de Pedra. Both still emanate a sense of the holy and sacred; the Romans created Lares Compitales here, small monuments to the gods asking for protection.

The cross points southwards towards the Foradà trail and the centre of the town northwards towards Torre de Dalt, eastwards to San Antonio Abad chapel and westward to Santo Argil bridge.

The monument was repaired at the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 and is listed as a Site of Local Interest.