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Sobre la falda de una colina se levanta Albocàsser, cuya sencillez engrandece su belleza. Almendros y olivos rodean una población en la que la estructura medieval de su trazado urbano se mantiene vigente, presidida por la Plaza Mayor y la Iglesia parroquial. Su situación la convierte en nudo de comunicaciones y lugar de paso y visita en los recorridos del Alt Maestrat.
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Las carreteras que circulan desde Castelln y desde Alcal de Xivert, en direccin a Vilafranca, llegan hasta la localidad. Adems, la carretera CV-129, que pasa por Albocsser, conecta la CV-10 con la CV-15, los dos ejes interiores de la provincia.
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The Region of Valencia is home to great treasures. From the narrowest façade in València to the tallest hotel in Europe, the sights here are so intriguing that they will leave you lost for words.
Discover the history of Levantine rock art and the indelible impact it has left on Castellón, even today.
The Region of Valencia has that artistic wealth, where families have learned and taught their craftsmanship from generation to generation. An example to understand the importance of the old trades is the Museo de la Baronía, located in Ribesalbes, where in addition to old photographs they have samples of these works giving an added value to the craftsmanship's legacy of Castellón.
The first artistic manifestation of humanity has one of its best exponents in Levantine lands. In particular, the province of Castellón houses a set of caves and walls with cave paintings that go back a whopping 7,000 years before Christ. Places as fascinating as the Valltorta are part of the so-called Levantine Rock Art catalogued as nothing less than World Heritage by UNESCO.