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  • Atzeneta del Maestrat, Albocàsser, Benassal, Catí, Culla, Tírig, Vistabella del Maestrat, Ares del Maestrat, La Torre d'En Besora, Vilar de Canes, Benafigos, La Serratella
Inhabited since prehistoric times, this beautiful county is home to countless historical treasures and natural scenery that you’ll never forget. Take a leisurely look around and travel back in time.


Located in the province of Castellón, L’Alt Maestrat is a county with unforgettable scenery where history and nature marry and form incredible places. This is an excellent destination for lovers of beautiful villages and magical hiking trails

Villages in L’Alt Maestrat

On your explorations of L’Alt Maestrat, you’ll come across small villages bursting with beauty where charm and history emanate from the streets. La Serratella is one such place with its medieval oven and old wash house, as is Benafigos. Here you can enjoy incredible views from the small mountain upon which it sits.

Breathing tranquillity, Vilar de Canes is a great place to wander the streets and visit the old oil mill. La Torre d’en Besora is populated with picturesque old buildings and Tírig will immerse you in historical architecture that has been listed UNESCO World Heritage, namely the dry stone structures like ovens, troughs, trails and farmhouses. They paint a pretty picture in Tírig’s beautiful landscape.

But that’s not all you can see in L’Alt Maestrat. Sitting at the foot of El Penyagolosa, Vistabella del Maestrat is home to La Asunción de Nuestra Señora Parish Church, which is one of the most interesting examples of Renaissance architecture in the province of Castellón.

Culla is your destination if you love wandering around medieval streets, while Atzeneta del Maestrat is a beautiful place where you’re bound to take hundreds of photos. Both historic centres are lovely. Catí also has an attractive centre as well as tasty cheeses and spring waters.

Lastly, we recommend stopping off at Benassal where you’ll find thermal waters and magical Mediterranean woodland that is calling out to be explored. Ares del Maestrat’s centre rubs shoulders with the vertical rockface of a mountain. Last on our tour of L’Alt Maestrat is Albocàsser, which has a Templar castle in the historic centre, ancient walls, towers and magnificent towers.

Things to do in L’Alt Maestrat

You certainly won’t be short of things to do on your getaway to L’Alt Maestrat. We’re going to start underground at Parc Miner del Maestrat in Culla where you’ll climb aboard a mining train and make your way through incredible subterranean spaces. It makes a great day out for the kids. After, set off in search of the viewing point in the centre or wait for night to fall to see the stars at the incredible observatory. 

In Catí make sure you see the incredible frescoes at La Mare de Deu de l'Avellá Chapel, a spectacular place of worship that will take you by surprise. After that you can visit one of L’Alt Maestrat’s hidden treasures: La Valltorta Museum in Tírig where you can take a guided tour to see the amazing UNESCO protected rock art

To conclude your time here, we’d recommend walking along some of the trails starting in Benassal, exploring incredible landscapes like El canto, El Rivet and Corbó Castle, and potentially making it all the way to Culla. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore L’Alt Maestrat and immerse yourself in unforgettable history and beauty.