Right after Christmas, the day of Sant Antoni, an ancient and traditional festival starts. San Antonio is one of the most popular saints in our lands and its devotion is associated with the winter solstice, fire and animals.

The matxà de Sant Antoni is a festival of Provincial Tourist Interest celebrated on the third week of January. Organised by the Comission of Sant Antoni Street and the parish of La Nativitat, the day is made up of a variety of events.

On the Friday before the festivity, the pupils of the local schools carry firewood for the bonfire of Sant Antoni.

On Saturday morning the monas (bakery) are benedicted in the church of La Nativitat. In the afternoon, the mass is held, followed by the benediction of the animals. The participants receive a commemorative ribbon from the same year of the festivity and then, they go in procession to Sant Antoni Street to the house of the "Clavario" (which each year corresponds to a house in the street). Afterwards, the bonfire is lit to mark the end of the day of the patron saint of animals.

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