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Almassora is home to the ruins of what was once a great castle and a site inhabited since the dawn of time.

Located in Plana Alta in the province of Castellón, the remains of Castillo de Almassora perch on a strategic hilltop close to the river Mijares. Unfortunately, what was once a great Muslim fortress is now in ruins. Parts of the structure, however, are still recognisable and we highly recommend a visit during your time in the area.

It is believed that Castillo de Almassora was abandoned when the Christians arrived in the area, which would explain its current state of disrepair. The site itself dates back to much earlier: remains from the Bronze, Iron and Iberian periods have all been found here, a clear sign that the location has been singled out since time immemorial.

During your visit, you will see that the castle has a rectangular plan with towers and a crenelated curtain wall leaving gaps for weapons to be fired. It was mostly built using mortar.

As the castle is located close to the river Mijares, you coulld also take a walk along its banks, visit Santa Quiteria bridge and explore the mouth of the river on the Mediterranean coast.

Afterwards, you could take a wander around the town’s beautiful historic centre with its narrow streets and pretty buildings.

Museo Arqueológico (the archaeological museum) is another must-visit during your time in Almassora as are the peaceful beaches. And before you leave, you simply have to try the delicious cheeses, honey, oranges and spirits.

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