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Visit Los Santos Juanes church in Almenara and marvel at a place of worship with over three centuries of history.

Los Santos Juanes church is the main religious building in Almenara, a town located in La Plana Baixa in the province of Castellón. The church was built between 1721 and 1728 and it remains in a good state of conservation, making it well worth taking a look around during your time in the destination.

The church has been listed a Site of Local Importance since 2007. It was built on the remains of the town’s former place of worship, which was built in 1528, though the surface area was extended to encompass the old Plaça Vella, public well, community oven, town hall and prison. During your visit, you will find a Latin inscription that mentions the existence of the old well.

The church is an example of the Composite order, comprising an elegant structure that is free from any elaborate ornamentation. It has a belltower topped with a dome and a cross. Inside there are relics from a number of saints. The ashlar façade is adorned with blue marble. You can access the church through two doors: the main door on Plaza de la Iglesia and the side door on Calle de los Santos Juanes.

During the war, interior ornaments and the high altar were destroyed. You can now see a new altar dedicated to San Juan Bautista and San Juan Evangelista. So if you’re wondering what to see in Almenara, Los Santos Juanes parish church is well worth a visit.