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The deafening sound of thousands of drums expresses the pain of Jesus’ death in L’Alcora every Good Friday.

Every Good Friday, at midday precisely, L’Alcora erupts in sound. The beat of thousands of drums played in unison creates the most incredible atmosphere that will make you feel quite emotional.

The beating of the drums, known as the rompida, expresses the pain of the death of Jesus Christ. Members of the town’s brotherhoods gather in Plaza de España to wait for the chime of the hour as marked by the Repés tower. A person is invited to introduce the rompida by beating their drum four times. The silence is then broken with the thousands of other drums erupting in a deafening sound.

Following the rompida, the group of drums walks in a procession in the direction of Plaza de Iglesia. In this square, there is a religious ceremony and, again, another rompida, this time introduced by the priest.

Ever since 1991, this tradition has been drawing in visitors from near and far. Come to L’Alcora on Good Friday to experience the emotion stirred by the beating of the drums and live this unique event of regional tourist interest. We hope to see you there.

*Please confirm event times and dates have not changed.

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Viernes Santo a las 12:00 h. del mediodía.

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