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Come to Segorbe on the second week of September to experience the speed and excitement of this bull event.

Segorbe, an historic town with great heritage sites, is also famed for Entrada de Toros y Caballos, which has been listed an event of Intangible Cultural Interest as well as a Festival of International Tourist Interest. Every day at 2pm for a week, the popular bull event sees fighting bulls and horsemen take to the street.

Thousands of people flock to the town daily to witness the event. The bang of a firework announces the start. A herd of fighting bulls is then released onto the street to run along a route that concludes at Torre del Verdugo in Plaza de la Cueva Santa. There are no barriers along the side of the route; instead the twelve horsemen (who are selected at random) are tasked with guiding the bulls to where they need to go. The event is fast and intense, living out a tradition whose first written reference dates to 1386.

The spectators pack the sand-filled street, jumping out of the way of the bulls as they pass by. The horsemen use sticks to guide the bulls and wear red neck scarves. Entrada de Toros y Caballos is an exciting event held in a beautiful town. Don’t miss it.

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