Millennial olive trees

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Discover a handful of millennial olive trees that have borne witness to Vinaròs’ long history.

Vinaròs is enveloped in stunning landscapes that constitute a veritable treasure trove of nature. Its oldest relics are a handful of millennial olive trees that have been alive a mind-boggling period of time.

The grounds surrounding La Misericorida chapel is home to three of these ancient trees. Fully integrated into a woodland defined by pine trees, bushes and dry stone, the olive trees are also close to the remains of Puig de la Ermita, a former Iberian settlement.

This slice of inland El Maestrat is nothing short of an open-air museum. There are even guided tours running through the area that will tell you everything you want to know about these millennial trees. Here’s an interesting fact to pique your interest: every metre of the circumference of the trunk is equivalent to 200 years of growth.

The trees still bear delicious olives, which are harvested to make a protected designation of origin oil named olivos milenarios: some of the highest quality olive oil out there.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Vinaròs to roam an extraordinary landscape that is inhabited by some truly ancient trees.

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