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  • Albalat de la Ribera, Almussafes, Benicull de Xúquer, Corbera, Cullera, Favara, Fortaleny, Llaurí, Polinyà de Xúquer, Riola, Sollana, Sueca
The variety of landscapes and traditions on offer in La Ribera Baixa county make it the perfect destination if you love the great outdoors, gastronomy and nature. Come and explore.


Located in the province of Valencia, La Ribera Baixa is a county formed of the municipalities of Albalat de la Ribera, Almussafes, Benicull del Xúquer, Corbera, Cullera, Favara, Fortaleny, Llaurí, Polinyà del Xúquer, Riola, Sollana and Sueca.

The county’s scenery is defined by rice fields and citrus groves. The area is also home to Albufera natural park and the mouth of the river Júcar, both of which bring biodiversity to the area. La Ribera Baixa is a great family tourism and cultural tourism destination. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know to make the most out of your time here. 

What to do in La Ribera Baixa

We would first like to draw your attention to the beautiful port in Sollana, situated in Albufera natural park. The area is inhabited by incredible wildlife – particularly birds – as well as aquatic plants and traditions, like the vela latina, a type of boat. The area is the perfect place to take incredible photos, and you can come back time and time again, as the landscape evolves with the seasons. 

At the mouth of the river Júcar, in Cullera, you can take a boat ride or walk or cycle the trail flanking the river. This is an unmissable landscape in La Ribera Baixa that you’re going to love exploring. 

In these destinations, you will have the opportunity to tuck into delicious paellas as well as other traditional dishes like all i pebre, espardenyà and less known recipes like fenollà, which is traditionally eaten during Lent. If you have a sweet tooth, you also have to try arnadí and coca escudellà

The municipalities in La Ribera Baixa are bursting with rural charm. There are plenty of attractive trails here that will immerse you in orange groves and lead you to chapels. And then there’s the beach. Sueca and Cullera are some of the most popular and natural beach destinations on the Region’s coastline. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your getaway to La Ribera Baixa today.