Alboraya - Port Saplaya

Alboraya - Port Saplaya Alboraya - Port Saplaya Alboraya - Port Saplaya

What are you looking at?

You’re looking at Alboraya-Port Saplaya Beach, which is one of the most visited beaches in the province of Valencia. Its promenade runs more than half a kilometre from the coast, and offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the entire coast of Alboraya.

What can you do near Alboraya-Port Saplaya Beach?

Due to its wonderful location, this beach has become a meeting point for lovers of both water sports and relaxation. Part of the picturesque fishing village of Port Saplaya (which is a "must-see!"), this beach is just a few metres from two of the area's most popular stretches of sand: Malvarrosa Beach and Patacona Beach. We also invite you to discover more charming corners of Alboraya by biking down the L'Horta Nord trail.