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Discover animals from all four corners of the globe and learn about the importance of protecting the natural world at this natural history museum.
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Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays : 10a.m. to 2p.m.
Mondays to Fridays : Group visits only, by appointment.

Located in Alginet, Museo Valenciano de Historia Natural is a natural history museum that is part of a network of palaeontological centres in the Region of Valencia. At the museum you will see some impressive collections of fossils that date back to the dawn of time.

As you take a look around the museum, you will be overwhelmed by the animals you will see, including insects and spiders, land, freshwater and salt water molluscs, crustaceans, fish, slugs, Valencian earthworms, butterflies and moths, beetles, fossils and other interesting geological elements. There are species from all four corners of the Earth. The museum is not only committed to showing its collections, but also raising awareness about the need to protect the natural world and explain the role each species plays in the delicate ecosystem.

Beyond the incredible collections, the natural history museum also runs a programme of activities for students of all ages. The aim is to provide a fun and educational day out.

Benefitting from a metro stop and good road connection, Museo Valenciano de Historia Natural is easy to get to from València city. During your time in Alginet, we recommend taking a look at some of the local sights, including 16th century Castillo de los Cabanyelles and Torre de Luengo. And don’t forget to wander around the streets to see the houses that traditionally used to store the family’s cart on the ground floor. Start planning your trip to this part of Ribera Alta today.