Route through the jungle of Estubeny visit to the castle of Montesa

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Route through the Estubeny Forest that appears surprisingly in the valley that the river Sallent has excavated in the mountains. Among huge rocks that seem to be set by giants hides a humid forest of incalculable value. In this natural place, the abundant groundwater of the Caroig massif appears and there are innumerable waterfalls and springs of crystalline water. In this jungle the visitor will be able to find monumental trees of Celtis australis and laurels that arrive until twelve meters of height. This type of forest can be considered an example of much wetter prehistoric times. We will visit the Castle of the old military order of Santa Maria de Montesa, which is located on top of a huge rock above the current village of Montesa. It was in Gothic style and was built by the Order of Montesa. After the order of chivalry of the Temple was dissolved, the Order of Montesa was created that occupied the formerly Islamic fortification and completely renovated for the new functions it would develop, being its mother house and functioning as a convent.
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