Buñol is steeped in history. Traditions are still very much alive here and its festivals are well-known in Spain and abroad. Keep reading to find out everything this beautiful part of the province of Valencia has to offer. 

What to see in Buñol

The best place to start your exploration of Buñol is the old town whose streets will take you back in time to some fascinating historic sites. One of the most iconic places of interest is Castillo de Buñol, a fortress located in the centre of the town that is one of the best preserved in the Region of Valencia. 

Buñol castle is home to the town’s archaeological collection, which displays pieces from three main historic periods - the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, and the Iron and Bronze Ages - as well as vestiges from Iberian and Roman settlers. The items on display will spirit you back centuries in time, teaching you about the history of this part of the Region of Valencia. Former El Salvador church also houses an ethnological collection, which will take you on a discovery of the local agricultural tradition and household items dating back to the past couple of centuries.  

Buñol’s heritage cannot be understood without a visit to its former industrial buildings, such as Molino de Galán. An icon of the local paper industry, the building was recently renovated and now offers a range of different spaces for the community. Here you can explore the library, an exhibition room and Museo de La Tomatina. A place for people to come together and soak up the town’s rich culture and traditions. 

Buñol also offers some incredible natural landscapes. A case in point is Cueva de Turche, an impressive waterfall and natural pool where peace and tranquillity reign. This is the perfect place to sit down to a picnic with friends and family and breathe in the naturescape enveloping you. 

This scenery is the perfect backdrop to do some activities in the great outdoors. La Hoya de Buñol is a beautiful place to explore on foot, with hiking trails leading you into the most spectacular landscapes. The water walk, known as Ruta del Agua in Spanish, will take you on an exploration of the emerald rivers and waterfalls that define this verdant wonderland. 

And that’s not all. Buñol is also internationally renowned for its festivals, in particular La Tomatina. Declared an Event of International Tourist Interest, the event is held on the final Wednesday of August, leaving the streets running red with tomato juice. Every year visitors travel from all four corners of the planet to take part in this great tomato fight which will leave you in peals of laughter and with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Buñol is a town that offers everything you could possibly imagine and more. Come along to this part of the Region of Valencia to enjoy its history, festivals and landscapes.

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