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Overlooking Jarafuel, this castle tells the story of the village's past. Discover more.

Located in the province of Valencia, Jarafuel Castle an Islamic defence structure that has survived the centuries to become a much-loved part of the landscape.

Perching on the highest point in the village, the castle is the most iconic sight in Jarafuel. This stronghold complete with defensive wall was constructed to stave off potential attacks and provide a safe space were one to occur.

The fortress comprised the defensive wall and the area inside it. The stone wall had towers and forts at each corner. You can still see one of these together with a section of the old defensive wall today. The space inside the walls was basic, providing areas for sleeping and storing food and water.

Make sure you visit the castle during your time in Jarafuel to see what remains of the fortress and the belltower of a Christian place of worship that was attached to it at a later date.

Historic streets snake up to the castle. Los Mudos is one of these, a narrow alleyway that is a mere 50cm wide at some points. The inhabitants of previous centuries would rush along these streets to reach the stronghold when they were under attack and wander idly along them to enjoy the market or simply get together with their neighbours in times of peace. If you’re in Jarafuel, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the village castle, which is open to the public.