Well-connected to València city, Paterna is a town bursting with plenty of things to do and traditions to live.

A place where traditions are still very much alive, Paterna is proud to show off its historic, architectural and intangible heritage. There are always all sorts of cultural events going on here, particularly those held at the beautiful theatre, which is named after Antonio Ferrandis, the town’s best-known actor. Keep reading to discover everything you can see and do in the town. 

What to see in Paterna

One of the must-visits in the town centre are the peculiar cave-houses. Film director Pedro Almodóvar shot his film Dolor y gloria in this unique urbanscape. The constructions are currently being converted into a cultural centre that will be open to the general public. 

Once you’ve taken a look at the caves, continue wandering until you reach El Calvario, which sits on the highest part of the town. From here you can breathe in lovely views over the boundless fields of the huerta, the agricultural land, and even the course of the river Turia. The structure dominating the area sits above an old Moorish alcazar, which currently houses a space used for social and cultural events and activities. 

If you’re keen to get out in nature, we’d recommend visiting Bosque de la Vallesa. The woodland lends itself to walks and bike rides, and will lead you to some incredible historic sites, such as a Bronze Age settlement which is thought to have been built between the years 1800 and 1300 BC, an aqueduct and even trenches and bunkers dating to the Spanish Civil War. 

Paterna is also a destination that knows how to put on a good event. Cordà de Paterna, for instance, is a festival that sees the main street of the town come to life in a spectacle of fireworks and light on the final Sunday of August. Other incredible festivities include Holy Week, Fallas, and Moors and Christians. Paterna is a great place to explore and experience some Valencian traditions.

How to get here:

Metro, Line 1, stops: Campamento, Paterna, Santa Rita, La Cañada and la Vallesa. Line 4, stops: Mas del Rosari, La Coma and Terramelar-Lloma Llarga. By bus: metrobus Line 140.

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