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Monóvar is a pretty town situated in inland province of Alicante, not far from Elda. The destination is a lovely place to explore as it has plenty of history and culture to soak up, as well as wonderful cuisine to enjoy. 

What to see in Monóvar

During your time in Monóvar, you will come across a number of fascinating sights. Torre del Reloj is a case in point, a clock tower that - unusually - is freestanding and not connected to a church or a town hall. This style of clock tower is not commonly seen in the Region of Valencia and is representative of the Catalan Gothic style. It was built in the 18th century and is a must-visit during your stay in the town. 

As you continue exploring this friendly town, it won’t be long before you happen upon the castle. Dating back to the Almohad period, this fortress boasts a strategic position, overlooking the area between Vinalopó Medio and Pinoso-Jumilla. Over the years, a number of different excavations have taken place here, each revealing the most incredible historic treasures

The religious sites are also well worth a visit. San Juan Bautista church is a Baroque structure with some Neoclassical features that dates back to the 18th century. Santa Bárbara chapel, meanwhile, sits on one of the two hills encircling the destination and is an exponent of Valencian Baroque. 

There are also a number of museums in Monóvar which will immerse you in the town’s history and culture. Museo de Arte y Oficios displays a selection of unique pieces collected from across the Region of Valencia that talk of local history, culture and traditions.

And then there is Casa Museo Azorín, a museum dedicated to the author Azorín. The famous writer was born in Monóvar and holds a special place in the town’s heart. His former home has therefore been transformed into a museum about his life: a wonderful place to discover the man and his work. 

And last but by no means least, there is the gastronomy. Delicious local dishes include gazpacho and arroz con conejo (rice served with rabbit) as well as the traditional gachamigas and olleta de Sant Antoni. Delights for the palate!

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Alicante is a world reference point thanks to its beaches and its spectacular climate, and nowadays, it has become a place par excellence to practise wine tourism, enjoy good food, and taste superb wines.
What a better guide than one of the most prominent figures of Hispanic literature to visit one of the most charming towns in the Region of Valencia. From the hand of his illustrious son, we enter the visit of the most significant corners of Monóvar, an Alicante town of the Vinalopó Mitjà region.