Discover a beautiful Baroque chapel sitting on a hill overlooking the town of Monóvar.

Monóvar, located in El Vinalopó Mitjà in the province of Alicante, is home to an 18th century chapel that is well worth a visit. Built on one of the two hills overlooking the town, Santa Bárbara chapel is an example of Valencian Baroque, which has been influenced by the Italian Baroque and Neoclassical styles. It is the only chapel in the diocese that is defined by its use of curved lines and there is only one other similar chapel in the whole of the Region of Valencia: Capilla de la Comunión de Santa María in Elche.

Santa Bárbara chapel is a detached building with a rectangular plan. The interior is divided into three spaces: to the south there is a porticoed atrium with three arches supported by stone columns; in the middle there is an oval-shaped chapel; and to the north there is the sacristy.

The dome is one of the chapel’s defining features. Supported by a cornice on the inside, the cupula has a double curvature and the exterior is decorated with beautiful blue tiles that sparkle in the sunshine. Inside, your eyes will be drawn to the large stone brick flooring as well as details such as the garlands, borders and Corinthian capitals.

In 1983 the chapel was listed an Historic-Artistic Monument of Local Interest by Academia de San Fernando and it is now a Site of Cultural Interest. Together with the castle and the clocktower, Santa Bárbara defines Monóvar’s distinctive skyline. The chapel is a heritage site that we should all endeavour to conserve and take care of.