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San Juan Bautista church houses some beautiful works of art that will leave you speechless.

Monóvar is home to some great treasures. San Juan Bautista church is a case in point, a place of worship whose beauty will leave you lost for words. Make sure you come for a visit during your time in the town.

Dating back to the 13th century, the Baroque church has clearly been influenced by the Neoclassical. With a Latin cross plan, the church has a main nave which is topped with a barrel vault and semi-spherical dome and chapels along the sides devoted to different saints.

Inside the church, your interest will be captured by a wooden altarpiece, painted in gold and other colours, that portrays the image of the patron saint of Monóvar. The masterpiece was created by sculptor Francisco Mira in 1774.

The church has been an archpriest church since 1851.

This is just a small insight into all the treasures you can find inside San Juan Bautista church, a much beloved place of worship among the local community. Come and take a look.