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Discover the historic and cultural heritage of Monóvar at Museo de Artes y Oficios.

In Monóvar, traditions, history and culture are still very much alive. If you’d like to discover what life was like in this quaint town in the past, a good place to start is Museo de Artes y Oficios. Founded in 1969 by José María Román Amat, the museum shines the light on the livelihoods of previous generations, principally farm work and artisanship. The display cases exhibit all sorts of different objects and pieces that were collected and catalogued by the founder of the museum, which has resulted in one of the most original ethnographic collections in the Region of Valencia.

The collections range from the tools used for agriculture and barrel making to a collection of weights and measures, looms, countless historic documents about the county, 18,000 scores, 5,000 theatre scripts and models of the most well-known buildings in the town.

This legacy showcases the wealth and variety of Monóvar’s cultural heritage. Over the years, the evolution of the municipality and its various generations have left behind artefacts that can be enjoyed in the museum today.