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This route follows the course of the River Vinalopó, allowing you to discover the chain of place names referring to salt: the Sierra de Salinas, the village of Salinas, the Laguna de Salinas, the saltings of Villena and the Cabeçó de la Sal del Pinoso. If you enjoy open countryside away from the well-trodden inland tourist routes, you ought to pay a visit to these undiscovered and almost forgotten parts of the Region of Valencia, where pride of place goes to the Laguna de Salinas, a lagoon set in a wide endorrheic basin - an area where the water has no outlet.

The Laguna de Salinas is closed off by the mountains of the same name and is probably the least known lagoon in the Region of Valencia. Consequently, its ravines, pinewoods and abundant animal life have been largely preserved. There are many castles crowning rocky crags scattered across the Vinalopó basin. This area separated the ancient kingdoms of Murcia, Castilla, Aragón and Valencia and today, as in bygone times, the routes and countryside are overlooked by Christian castles that were built using stones from old Arab fortresses.

From Sax to Elda and Petrer, visiting Salinas, Pinoso, Algueña, La Romana, Aspe, Monforte del Cid, Novelda and Monòver.