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Join us for a fun-packed festival in which the local traditions and music will steal your heart. Book your tickets to Gaibiel!

Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos de Gaibiel, the Moors and Christians Festival in Gaibiel, transforms the town’s streets over August. You’ll love soaking up the festive atmosphere that fills the county of El Alto Palancia. Live music, spectacular costumes and plenty of gunpowder are the main ingredients of this much loved festival that is hard to forget.

The Moors and Christians Festival makes way for Gaibiel’s big patron saint festivities at the end of the summer. Locals and holidaymakers decorate the streets and houses for the occasion and the town is jam-packed with events that you'll love getting stuck into.

Gaibiel’s Medieval roots set the perfect scene for the Moors and Christians Festival as the celebration sees Moorish parades, dressed up associations and music ensembles. 1998 was the first year in which the Moors and Christians headed out onto the streets!

Come and explore this charming town in the province of Castellón, which sits right next to Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. Delve into the nature-rich surroundings and be blown away by the beauty.

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