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Wander around Gaibiel and discover all the secrets of Antigua Casa de la Villa, the old town hall.

The small village of Gaibiel is home to a number of sights that tell the story of its past. Antigua Casa de la Villa, the old town hall, is a case in point. Located in the historic centre, sitting opposite the church, it was built in the 17th century and is currently listed as a Site of Local Importance.

Over the years, Antigua Casa de la Villa has had many incarnations: it has been the chamber of agriculture, home of the village teacher, municipal storehouse and even an abattoir. With each change of use, the building underwent modifications both to its interior and exterior. A clear example of this is the main façade, which originally had just one door, and now has three.

Gaibiel is a pretty little village whose sights and surroundings paint a quaint picture of life in inland province of Castellón. So come along to Alto Palancia to discover everything the village has to offer.