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Come and explore Gaibiel through its heritage sites, including this Baroque church which is filled with great artistry.

Iglesia Parroquial de San Pedro Apóstol, San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church in Gaibiel, is a Baroque place of worship you absolutely have to visit. As you take a look around this fascinating part of El Alto Palancia in the province of Castellón, you’ll find countless points of interest. The church entrance has a lintel and Tuscan pillars and is topped with a niche. The belltower comprises four vertical sections and the church’s blue tiled dome is a Gaibiel landmark.

As you step inside San Pedro Apóstol Parish Church, you’ll find three naves and a choir, decorated with pillars and frescoes. The latter depict scenes from the life of San Pedro, Bible stories and images of other saints. It also houses a silver chalice dating back to the 17th century. Come and visit the church as part of your sightseeing tour before heading to Gaibiel Castle. With all its wash houses, fountains and weirs, Gaibiel is a joy to explore. A place to make wonderful memories in the province of Castellón.