Fiestas Patronales De Gaibiel. Hijas De María, La Pastora Y El Santo Cristo De La Sed

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Come and experience Gaibiel Patron Saint Festival and make unforgettable memories in this beautiful destination.

Fiestas Patronales de Gaibiel: Hijas de María, La Pastora y El Santo Cristo de La Sed, Gaibiel Patron Saint Festival: Hijas de María, La Pastora and El Santo Cristo de La Sed, is a great event in the yearly calendar. We’d recommend visiting this lovely destination in the heart of Sierra de Espadán Natural Park during the festivities.

The first Sunday in September is the day of La Pastora while the following Monday is the day of Santo Cristo de la Sed. In the lead-up to the festival, the spotlight is shone on the group of young people comprising the Hijas de María. This group takes part in all sorts of celebrations, including processions and other religious events. This is a tradition that you will see across the breadth and depth of the Region of Valencia, including in groups of festeros.

The programme for Gaibiel Patron Saint Festival, with Hijas de María, La Pastora and El Santo Cristo de La Sed, also features bull events and fun discos. Take advantage of the festivities to come and explore this charming part of El Alto Palancia with its beautiful scenery. Can you imagine anything better than a festival paired with some hiking in the surrounds?

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