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In front of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Irta, the sea hides another treasure of great environmental value. This marine reserve is characterized by a habitat composed of a rocky substratum normally organized in low-medium and high-rise cliffs, among which sedimentary formations of ridges, pebbles and sands are developed. Its delimitation includes the marine strip adjacent to the Sierra de Irta Natural Park that extends between the mouth of the Volante ravine and that of the Malentivet gully, with a width of up to 20 meters. Being the occupied surface of 941 hectares. Within the aforementioned reserve, an integral marine reserve area that includes up to ten meters deep is established for the purposes of management and protection. The scarce human occupation of the coastal environment joins a continuous and relatively homogeneous marine environment, which allows an excellent state of conservation of the biological communities settled there, including the populations of species of fishing interest and the ecological mechanisms that these regulate.

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