Foodies travellers will find a real paradise in Valencian pastries. A mandatory stop for the sweet-toothed!

The preparation of sweets has a significant influence on Arabic cuisine. The almond stands out among the ingredients, a rich tradition that will drive your palate many centuries ago.

Alicante is the land of ice cream and nougat, some of the sweets of the Region of Valencia best known internationally. We are sure nougat has been at your table more than once! Also, our land produces magnificent chocolates. The best examples are in Torrent and the Chocolate Museums in Sueca and Villajoyosa. 
And these are not the only treats! Each party and tradition offers the most savoury and typical recipes of our gastronomy. Holy Week tastes like “arnadí”, “panquemado” and anise rolls; Fallas to pumpkin “buñuelos” (fritters), Christmas to sweet potato and “casca” cakes; and summer, to horchata and “fartons”. Well-to-do proposals to enjoy every time of the year. When are you coming?