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Immerse yourself in a garden in central València where you can gaze at 4,500 different plant species. Discover the Botanic Garden.

València's Botanic Garden depends administratively on the University of València and is situated in the city’s historic centre, close to the former bed of the river Turia. This living museum is open to the public to share, conserve and study its extensive collection of plants.

With a total surface area of 4 hectares, the Botanic Garden dates back to the 19th century. In the year 1802 it moved permanently to its current location whereas prior to this date, and since 1567, it had been situated in different places in the city. The garden has always been connected to the University and in the early days was a medicinal plant garden.

The Botanic Garden now houses over 4,500 plant species, which are divided into 27 collections. The majority of these are outdoors while others can be found in the glasshouses and the shadehouse. The design is typical of university gardens from the 16th century. As you take a long and leisurely stroll around, you will see the extent of the vegetal world, how plants adapt to their surroundings, how they relate to animals, how they should be cultivated and what their uses are.

If you come to visit València’s Botanic Garden, you will be taken on an exploration of every corner of the world without leaving the city. There are examples of plant life from all five continents and your imagination will transport you to exotic lands. What’s more, the garden runs a programme of events packed full of cultural activities. As part of this, you can enjoy acoustic series, talks, courses and exhibitions. Come and delve into this oasis of biodiversity.