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Climbing a Via Ferrata is a sports itinerary that runs through rock walls and is equipped with: steps, pegs, ramps, handrails, nails, staples, cable, dams, chains, suspensió bridges and zip line, and in general all kinds of devices to ensure the safety of users and facilita't the progression of these. All these elements of via ferrata allow you to safely reach àrees that llaure difficult to access for hikers or unwelcted in climbing. The safety in the via ferrata is carried out by a steel cable installed throughout the track and the harness equipped with a power sink and special carabiners of via ferrata that ensure in case of fall.
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-Material tècnic necessari per a la realització de l'activitat (neopré, arnes, escarpins i casc) -segur de R.C. d'empresa, segur d'accidents -Guia tit