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Both the young and the old are sure to have a great time at this joyous festival in Cocentaina. Get ready for your trip now!

La Corriola Festival in Cocentaina is a great event to be part of if you want to soak up some local traditions. Make your way to El Comtat county in Alicante on the 8 December and spend a day having fun with the family. Follow the parade that travels along the streets to the rhythm of the dulzaina - a traditional wind instrument - until it reaches Santa Bárbara Chapel at the top of the hill. This festival is rooted in the tradition of requesting protection of the harvests from the saint. Formally celebrated on Santa Barbara Day, the tradition has evolved into an exciting festival that delights locals and visitors alike. Once at the chapel, the bell is rung with the hope of bringing good weather and locals nibble on a round bread known as the ‘corriola’, which is pulley in English in reference to the bell. This bread ring is eaten with a "voltaeta", a big curved red sausage. These two delicacies are prepared solely for this special day. It’s also custom for grandparents and godparents to prepare this feast as a gift for the little ones. During La Carriola festival there are all types of games for kids too so they will never get bored. It's a great chance to get to know the charming municipality of Cocentaina during the festive occasion. Put it in your diary and don’t miss this opportunity to visit a town with such a fascinating tradition. See you at La Corriola festival.

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