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  • L'Alcora, Costur, Figueroles, Llucena/Lucena del Cid, Les Useres/Useras, Xodos/Chodos
Come with us on an exploration of a county that is packed with surprises and get ready to discover the charms of six lovely destinations.


Located in the province of Castellón, the county of L’Alcalatén is an excellent destination for lovers of wine tourism, hiking and historic sights. This is a wonderful part of the Region of Valencia that is well worth a visit. Discover everything you can see and do among the mountains and castles. It’s time to start planning your getaway. 

What to see in L’Alcalatén

L’Alcalatén comprises the municipalities of L’Alcora, Costur, Chodos, Figueroles, Lucena del Cid and Useras. The destinations are connected to the ceramic industry and the area is great wine-making land. You’re sure to find plenty of quality, local products on your explorations. 

In L’Alcora, make sure you take a look around L’Alcora Ceramic Museum, a fascinating place where you can discover the mark the industry left on the destination. Complement your visit by learning how to use the pottery wheel from an expert. While you’re here, you also have to visit L’Alcalatén Castle, a 10th-century fortress sitting atop a hill. You’re going to love capturing it on camera.

Spectacular scenery awaits in Costur where you can explore all sorts of trails snaking through the sheer landscapes that define L’Alcalatén. The centre is charming, making wandering the streets a joy. Next up on our tour is Chodos where an incredible medieval castle crowns a rocky outcrop that the destination clings to. 

Figueroles is a great destination swept up in the embrace of Spanish juniper and juniper trees. The streets still map the medieval layout and there’s a tour you can do of the old gypsum mines in an area full of salt-water springs. In Lucena del Cid, nicknamed “the pearl of the mountain”, you’ll see a silhouette of a town perched atop a rock. It’s located close to a deep gorge. 

Lastly, on your tour around L’Alcalaten, you have to stop off at Useras where the landscape is populated with fountains and there’s a great history-steeped centre. 

Things to do in L’Alcalatén

The landscapes in L’Alcalatén include the impressive El Penyagolosa Natural Park: fancy walking up to the top following a route starting in Chodos? The trail is 20km long and of a moderate level of difficulty, making it a great challenge for seasoned hikers. 

In Figueroles we’d recommend enjoying the panoramic views from a number of areas. Start at El Castellar where there are archaeological remains and continue at Penya-Roja and Naram rock. In Costum, you can visit L’Artiga Cave, which is packed with stalactites and stalagmites (remember to tell the local council you want to visit in advance). 

To end this list of things to do in L’Alcalatén, we’d recommend walking Camí dels Peregrins de Les Useres Natural Monument, which is in Useras. This 38km-mountain trail combines tradition and history, welcoming pilgrims every year on what is an emotional and symbolic journey. Join the pilgrims or walk this age-old route that snakes through beautiful scenery by yourself.