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The Iberian and Roman remains found at the site of the castle speak of its ancient history. Come to Rincón de Ademuz and fall in love with the area.

The castle located in the pretty village of Castielfabib was built in the Muslim period, though archaeological excavations in the area have revealed the site to be even more historic. Perched on the top of the hillside, the fortress gives Castielfabib its unique skyline. Most of the defensive walls have been integrated into the village itself; indeed, the parish church can barely be distinguished from the castle.

During the Conquest, Peter II of Aragon conquered the castle, though it returned to Muslim hands shortly after. James I then seized it, giving it first to the Order of the Temple and later the Order of Montesa.

The fortress has sadly been the scene of many battles, such as the War of Independence, the Carlist Wars and the Civil War. During these struggles, parts of the castle’s structure were destroyed, leaving it in ruins. Today, the most recognisable part of the fortress is its keep.

During your time in Castielfabib, make sure you visit the castle as well as explore the beautiful landscapes, such as Muela de los Tres Reinos. The scenery around the river Ebrón is a wonderful destination for a day out in the great outdoors and close to the ruins of Convento de San Guillermo, another great sight to put on your to-visit list. So what are you waiting for? Come to Rincón de Ademuz to explore Castielfabib and its great castle.