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During your time in Castielfabib, make sure you visit the ruins of San Guillermo convent, a beautiful site where history, architecture and nature come together.

The ruins of San Guillermo convent in Castielfabib are an excellent reason to visit this pretty part of Rincón de Ademuz.

Built in the 14th century, the convent was the residence and strategic headquarters for a number of Orders, namely the Augustinians, the Carmelites and the Valencian Franciscans.

Though now in a state of ruin, the convent and the area around it are exceedingly beautiful and a joy to explore. A number of centuries before the convent was constructed, it is said that San Guillermo de Poitiers chose to live in the area as a hermit.

Nowadays, you can see the remnants of the chapels and arches that used to comprise the church, as well as parts of its façade. If you look carefully, you will even see some Gothic and Baroque features. You can also visit the kitchen gardens and animal pens, as well as part of the old wash house.

We recommend visiting Castielfabib not only to see the village’s convent, but also the castle, the beautiful historic centre and, if you fancy doing some walking, Muela de los Tres Reinos. Come and explore this beautiful municipality just a stone’s throw from Hoces del río Ebrón and immerse yourself in the landscapes, heritage and history of Rincón de Ademuz, the epitome of inland Region of Valencia.