El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
El Puig de Santa Maria
el puig de santa maria como llegar


A quintessentially Valencian town, El Puig de Santa Maria has a wide range of sights that tell the story of its past. And what it past it was. But beyond all the culture and history here, there is also a beach where you can take long and lazy strolls along the fine sand. 

What to do in El Puig de Santa Maria

If you want to discover what El Puig de Santa Maria is all about, the best way to start is by exploring its culture and history. The town played an important role during James I of Aragon’s war of reconquest in which the city of València was seized. There are therefore a number of historically important sights and monuments in El Puig de Santa Maria, such as Castillo de Enesa. Sitting atop a hill, this fortress - declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2002 - has a long and valiant history, as not only was it used by James I, but also by El Cid. James I’s troops rebuilt the castle, transforming it into a pivotal element in the capture of València. 

Another sight to put on your must-visit list is Sant Jordi chapel. Built in 1631 to commemorate the battle of El Puig and honour San Jorge, the chapel currently hosts most of the commemorations marking James I’s entrance into the city. 

Cartuja de Ara Christi is a second religious site worth visiting during your time in El Puig de Santa Maria. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1996, this Carthusian monastery was in its time a functioning religious building; nowadays, however, the monastery will transport you back in time to the artistry of its church, cloister, charter house and more. 

And, impressively, La Cartuja is not the only monastery in the town. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1969, Monasterio de Santa María del Puig was built by James I of Aragon in 1238 to commemorate the reconquest of València from the Moors. The interior of this Renaissance masterpiece houses cloisters, the royal salon, the Gothic salon and a replica of James I’s sword. 

These are just a handful of the sights that you simply have to visit during your stay in El Puig de Santa Maria. Although you should also make time to relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches and taste the delicious local cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a town whose past is inextricably linked to important historic events. 

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