La Canal de Navarrés

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Set in the heart of the Land of Valencia, the eight towns within the district called La Canal de Navarrés are distributed over a large tabletop platform pertaining to the Caroig massif. This has been dubbed with the poetical name of the "labyrinth of the full moon", where waters flow out through the rivers Fraile, Grande, Cazuma and Ludey to form scenes of great beauty along their way. The calcareous and permeable soil has been eroded into picturesque landscape, and along certain branches, the water courses disappear into the subsoil only to reappear again later, until they come to the river Escalona, which flows into the Júcar river, creating spectacular defiles, lakes, ravines and waterfalls along the way, giving this district its special attraction.


From Enguera to Millares, visiting Anna, Chella, Bolbaite, Navarrés and Quesa.